Domain registration

Terms for .uk domains

When you register a .uk domain you are entering in to a contract with the registrar (Nominet) and we act as your agent in dealing with Nominet. The domain is registered in your name, not ours.

The terms and conditions governing the contract are at

The registration entitles you to be a domain name holder i.e. to use a domain name for an agreed time period however you do not become the owner of the name and if the name is not renewed, it becomes available for other potential applicants to register.

Please make sure you have read the document before requesting your domain name registration, in particular the paragraphs relating to your personal data.

The cost of a .uk domain name registration or renewal for one year is £5. We make no charges for moving your domain name away from our service.

If you haven’t opted for automatic domain renewal, you will be sent an email 30 days before the date your domain expires. If we haven’t heard from you, ten days before expiry, we will contact you by phone if we have your telephone number on file. Should we fail to make contact by phone, we will send another email reminder, and will make 2 more attempts to contact you prior to the renewal date. If you have opted for auto-renewal, the cost will be included on your next invoice.

Nominet’s complaints procedure is available for anyone to complain or raise concerns about us in the way we handle your domain registration i.e. if we are in breach of the registrar agreement.

If you have a dispute with a  .uk domain, it is covered by Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service Policy and Procedure.